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Insurance Information

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Insurance Coverage Dispute Attorneys

Companies and individuals pay substantial sums every year for insurance coverage to protect their property in the event of damage or loss. The terms of coverage are set forth in the insurance policy, which is generally a lengthy contract, with additional amendments or endorsements.

Often, when a loss occurs, the insured contacts the insurance company, makes a claim, and the losses are paid by the insurance company. But this is not always the case. When coverage is denied, or the insured subjected to an insurance investigation, the attorneys at the Lynn Law Firm can help to determine if the denial of coverage was valid – that is, the policy should have provided coverage for the loss.

Patricia A. Ford

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to analyze coverage issues and pursue a claim against the insurance company in cases where we believe denial of coverage was improper. We never have a conflict of interest in such claims, as we only represent insureds, and do not perform legal work for any insurance companies. We do, however, have their respect, because they know we will conduct a full investigation and vigorously represent the interests of our client through trial and on appeal, if necessary.

If you, as an insured, have been contacted by your insurance company or their attorney and requested to provide documents or undergo an examination under oath, you should call the Lynn Law Firm for a free consultation as to whether you would benefit from legal representation. As an insured, you have an obligation to cooperate with your insurance company’s investigation of your claim. Sometimes, however, the insurance company has prejudged the circumstances of the loss and the availability of coverage, and your interests will be best protected by consulting with an attorney experienced in coverage issues.

The Lynn Law Firm has represented insureds in a wide variety of claims, most often resulting in an enforcement of insurance coverage and payment on the claim.

We have represented the interests of insureds in coverage disputes, including:

Many of the claims are ultimately resolved by settlement after a vigorous and effective legal challenge to the insurance company’s disclaimer.

The Firm has the unique skills to successfully pursue all aspects of litigation including the discovery phase, motion practice, trial and appeals. The Lynn Law Firm has three members of the venerable American College of Trial Lawyers. In addition, Mr. Lynn and Mr. Shannon have both been recognized by the New York State Bar Association for their outstanding contribution to the practice of law in the field of insurance.

As is the case with all of our clients, the initial consultation with the Lynn Law Firm is free. So if you have a concern that a loss may not be covered by insurance as you expected it to be, call our office at (315) 474-1267 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation, or email us at