Workplace Injury Attorneys

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A worker injured on the job is generally prohibited from making a claim directly against his or her employer because of entitlement to Workers Compensation benefits available through the employer’s insurance. However, when you are injured as a result of an unsafe piece of machinery or product on the job, or through negligence of a person or company on the job other than your employer, you may be able to make a legal claim for damages. In such case, you need advice from attorneys who are experienced, qualified and well-respected in handling such claims.  

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Here are a few questions to help you understand if you have a case for additional compensation:  

  • Was your injury caused by a defective product while at work?  
  • Are there toxic substances or hazardous materials at your workplace? 
  • Did a third-party (contractor, customer or vendor) cause your injury?  
  • Does your employer carry Workers Compensation insurance?  

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