Negligent Security Attorneys

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No one would argue that a person who commits a criminal act that harms another should not be held responsible for their actions.  Under our civil justice system, a victim or the victim’s family may also have a claim against the property owner or management company if there was a failure to provide adequate security measures that would have prevented the criminal act.  Such cases are challenging, and require an experienced attorney to evaluate for merit and provide effective representation.   

The attorneys at the Lynn Law Firm have been at the vanguard of obtaining results for their clients in challenging negligent security cases.  

These cases include:  

  • Failure to provide security at a Denny’s restaurant, resulting in a mêlée and stabbing.  
  • Failure to provide proper security in a hospital setting to prevent access by estranged husband to his seriously injured wife, whom he killed by poisoning.  
  • Failure to provide security in a hospital emergency room setting to prevent the escape of a man who was in a highly agitated state, who threatened to kill his parents, and then did so.  
  • Failure to provide oversight of rogue maintenance staff at apartment complex where female post-graduate university student was murdered by member of the staff.    

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